Unravel Body Care Crux With Shahnaz Husain

Summers are the perfect time to redefine our self care regimen. Let’s take our body care routine one notch up with expert advise by beauty maestro Shahnaz Husain.

Twenty or more years and still figuring out what our skin needs. I guess it’s with every single one of us, isn’t that so? Randomly scrolling through Instagram and we end up trying a skincare hack that we picked up from there. 

Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. Indeed, here and there, they may work at first but then gradually they fade away. And let’s be honest, with a WFH schedule, we hardly get the weekends to ourselves to relax. But also at the same time, why are we letting this schedule take a toll on our self care routine? 

Body care is equally essential as skin care and with the onset of summer, trust me, we all are struggling to keep our body cool and moisturised at the same time. We might not have realised the importance of the two most basic body care essentials — body oils and body lotions, till now but that’s when and where the saying goes “better late than never”.

To unravel this body care mystery, we got together with beauty expert Shahnaz Husain herself to decode the realities.

What’s The Difference Between Body Oil And Body Lotion?

“Body oil is a lightweight, nourishing, and protective moisturiser. It is derived from plant roots, flowers, leaves, and fruits. It seeps into your skin and helps it to retain its natural moisture.” explains beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.

Lotions on the other hand primarily helps in giving extra moisture to the skin.

“Lotions are part water-based and are also used majorly for moisturising. However, they are also used to target skin ailments like eczema,” states Husain.

Alright. WOAH. This already seems like some science! 

Well, our body might not show signs of what kind of product it needs at an early stage but trust us people, choosing the right body care essential according to your skin type will always keep your skin plump.

We don’t have that kind of time to understand all the logistics that goes behind the making of a body lotion and a body oil, right? How about we take an easier route to understand the essentials.

Choosing The Right Product According To The Skin Type

When it comes to skincare, we all have our own notions with regards to that and most of the time, assuming is what we all do while picking up a product or any formulation. For example, most of us assume that application of oils on oily skin might make the condition worse and lead to breakouts, but this is not what experts have to say.

“If you have oily skin, use body oils. It might sound a bit off but it works. It has been proven that if the skin doesn’t retain enough moisture, it may overproduce oils. Body oils help lock in the moisture and make your skin look smooth and radiant,” says Shahnaz Husain.

Pro Tip: Always apply oil on slightly wet skin as they always work best on that.

She further adds, “If you have dry skin, using a lotion would be a good idea. Since lotions are partly water-based and partly oil-based, they combine the best of both the worlds. The water in the lotions will give your dry skin the moisture that it needs and the oils in it will keep it locked in the place.”

Can We Layer Them Simultaneously?

“They can be layered simultaneously. After you get out of the shower, apply a layer of barrier-protecting body lotion and then apply another layer of body oil. Since you’re increasing the percentage of oil, it will allow the skin to absorb the moisture in a much better way while also allowing the active ingredients to seep deeper into the skin,” states Husain.

If you are someone who often deals with flaky and patchy skin, then simultaneous layering is THE GO-TO THING for you. 

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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