Bridal Makeup Trends That Will Rule In 2021

‘Tis the season to ace the perfect bridal makeup look with these celebrity makeup artists, who help us decode the biggest trends for 2021.

The pandemic might have disrupted all “over the top” plans for your wedding but the pandemic weddings have got us landed on some new makeup trends, which have redefined bridal makeups within the beauty sphere. Well, of course, the big day is not just about an intricate embroidered heavy silhouette or the embellished jewels. When it comes to bridal makeup, trends have been evolving every now and then but with pandemic weddings on the charts, soft hues and tinted palettes are a hit.

To decode some ruling bridal makeup trends for 2021, we got together with celebrity makeup artist Guru and celebrity makeup artist Madhura Deokute. Whether you are a bride who wants the low-key monochromatic look or someone who likes to add a pop of colour to your makeup, we have it all for you.

Clear Skin Is The Priority

All the attention to the bride please!! Bridal makeup this year is not just about putting on tons of foundation but more about embracing your own skin and here is when skincare is taking the front row ladies.
“One thing is clear in skincare trends right now — moisture is the key. People are looking for more hydration, so another current obsession is hyaluronic acid serums. It is easy to add to your routine for a quick boost. Many brides are even opting to ditch their heavy foundations and concealers, and are instead going for lighter options,” says celebrity makeup artist, Guru. 

Madhura Deokute, celebrity makeup artist, seconds the notion. “It’s more about clean and glowing skin. They are opting for a minimal makeup look with a very sheer layer of foundation and more of flushed cheek tint. No makeup “makeup” look will be ruling the trends chart in 2021,” she says.

What’s Life Without Drama

Oh, we aren’t talking about “Keeping Up with The Kardashians“, it’s all about dramatic eyes on your big day.

“With all of the masks that we will be wearing in our future for the time being, smouldering eye looks will reign supreme among the 2021 makeup trend set. A classic, winged liner look can really make us feel all put-together. or soft smokey eyes to enhance Indian beauty,” states Guru.

Image Credit: Instagram/ gurumakeupart

Choosing The Right Bridal Makeup For Indian Skin Tones

“Go with the matte eyeshadows instead of glossy and liquid shadows for your wedding day. If you have any events in the evening then try to make your skin shinier and more glowing. One can add some glitter on the eyelid and fresh colour on the lip with the pink blush on the cheeks,” suggests Deokute.

Pro Tip: Choose a liquid matte lipstick or a lip stain as they are suitable when you wear a mask

“Bold, bright, or dramatic colours should be saved for the reception look. You would want your photos to be timeless, so pick colours that will make you look radiant. Choose pink or subtle red for lips, rosy cheeks, and some definition in the eyes,” explains Guru.

When it comes to lip shades, it is suggested to keep it a bit low-key. “A stunning rosy nude works for most skin tones and compliments any bridalwear or ruby woo is an all-time favourite, a perfect red,” says Guru.

Makeup Tips For Summer Brides

Hello, Summer Brides.
Aren’t summer weddings an absolute delight? With all the pastel hues, dewy makeup and the aesthetics, summer weddings are the perfect time to adorn classic tones.
We have it simple for you all.

Decoding The Best Bridal Look For Intimate Weddings

With intimate weddings taking over, minimal is the new more and we are in love with the newly defined bridal colour palettes.
Deokute suggests all “to be brides” to keep it minimal and focus on prepping the skin. “If your skin is well prepped for the base then your makeup will stay for a longer time. Considering virtual weddings one can go for soft pinks, cool browns, champagne hues. This will add a natural, elegant yet classy touch to your makeup. Smokey shimmery eyes with the heavy mascara will help to pop up your eyes,” she says.

Decoding some best bridal looks for you with celebrity makeup artist Guru.

Nude Makeup Look

Perfect for a home wedding celebration, or a wedding under a clear blue sky, a nude makeup look makes up for a great choice. It’s a dreamy use of neutral tones inspired by your natural tone and looks absolutely stunning.

Image Credit: Instagram/ gurumakeupart

The Bold Smokey Eyes

Perfect for a sundowner setting or night time pheres, the classic black and brown bold smokey eyes always work. Opt for nude lips to let those eyes do all the talking and this makeup look works great with a red or dark-hued outfit.

Image Credit: Instagram/ gurumakeupart

Bold Red Lips

An apt option for your evening or night soiree, gold or bronze shimmery eye steamed up with a bold red lip is a bridal classic. Fashioned on a natural and matte base, it’s perfect for the brides who love going extra.

Image Credit: Instagram/ gurumakeupart

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 
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