Scalp Scrubbing Is The New Clean Beauty Trend This Summer

Go big on scalp scrubbing this summer. Need those specifics? We have it all covered for you, with beauty expert and celebrity aromatherapist Dr Blossom Kochhar.

Dry shampoo must be your new BFF for those AM to PM google meets or zoom calls, but it can leave a visible amount of residue in your hair. Even your favourite hair care products can leave a good amount of build up on the scalp, which might be difficult to get rid off with your regular shampoo.

All that accumulated gunk can block the pores on the scalp and generally what do we do to clogged pores?

We Scrub them off ! Yes, that’s about right!

Scrubbing your scalp and hair is the trending hair care practice that we all need to infuse in our summer hair care regimen this year. Scalp scrubs with ingredients like sugar, salt, et cetera helps in building up your follicles and strengthening them as well. It gently exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells from your scalp.

The emulsifying wax and other substances in our hair care products can leave a thin layer of residue that can turn your hair bland. And so to dig deeper into this trend, we got together with Dr Blossom Kochhar, celebrity aromatherapist and founder of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic to tell us all the how – abouts of scalp scrubbing.

Exfoliation For Hair Is The New Hair Care Trend – Let’s Know Why

“The skin is easily exfoliated but the scalp is also just like the skin that has a mass of hair and it needs the same care. By exfoliating, the scalp remains healthy, and hair roots get stronger. The deposits of various styling products, shampoos, et cetera get stuck onto the scalp, which needs exfoliation to take the residues totally out,” says beauty expert and celebrity aromatherapist, Dr Blossom Kochhar.

Not only scrubbing clears up the residues and dirt but also is a brill way to improve blood circulation. Besides, our lovely people, the cherry on top : It’s the best and most rejuvenating way to relieve all the stress

So ultimately, heaven is just one scrub away. That sounds about right and easy, doesn’t it! 

“It is also about encouraging circulation and adjusting the body’s natural rhythm to heal. Whenever a person is under stress the circulation process gets interrupted in the scalp. So, massaging and exfoliating the scalp gets the blood flowing,” she adds.

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Scrub Scrub Scrub!! It’s Time For Your Hair

You might have heard about scalp scrubbing but have you tried it yet? 

“Scalp scrubs are just like facial scrubs. These can be granule-based or can be gel-based. Its core purpose is to deeply cleanse the scalp. So, it is suitable for any kind of hair, be it Indian or European or something else. 

Indians almost have all the varieties of hair types like from thin to thick hair, curly to straight, soft to hard, depending upon the genes and communities they belong to.

How Scalp Scrubs Work?

Scalp scrubs are the detox content that our hair needs and summers are the most appropriate time to make that addition to your beauty routine.

“Scalp scrubs work to a remarkable extent. The scalp produces natural oil that helps itself to remain moisturised and promote hair growth. Scalp scrubs wash away the residues, dandruff, dry skin flakes and maintain the oil secretion level on the scalp,” says Kochhar.

Our scalp may look hard on the outside but it needs conscious care too just like our own skin and scrubbing too hard on the scalp may not be the best thing.

Dr Kochhar explains, “Scalp scrubs can harm if they are too abrasive, done very frequently or vigorously. Use gentle scrubs to exfoliate the scalp. Excessive exfoliation can worsen the condition and can lead to irritation, itching, more dryness, and severe hair fall.”

A Quick Understanding About The Intricacies Of Scalp Scrubs

Did you know, it’s a famous Korean beauty practice to keep scalps clean and naturally moisturised?

“Once a week is enough if someone is doing it regularly. Those who are planning to start or have scalp problems can do it twice a week for some time and then later can take it as once a week-course of action. Scalp exfoliation should be done for a maximum time of up to 10 minutes,” says Dr Kochhar.

Just in case to ensure that exfoliation doesn’t make your scalp or hair dry, give a natural boost of moisturisation to it after a wash.

“After exfoliation, use a mild natural shampoo to rinse it off. Apply aloe vera gel on the scalp and massage with it gently all over. Leave it on for a few minutes and rinse it off. Let the hair dry naturally. This will work as the healing process for the scalp and hair,” suggests Dr Kochhar.

It’s time to show some deserving love to your scalp!

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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