Everything That You Need To Know About Sustainable Beauty In 2021

World Environment Day 2021: Sustainable beauty is more than just trending buzzwords and these brands are setting the bar higher for sustainable beauty in 2021

Sustainable and clean beauty, another niche trend? Well, we hope not. As 2020 served to be a (not so) “exciting” year for us, we all came around trending buzzwords like environmental consciousness, inclusivity and sustainability. Over the course of years, we have seen an evolution in the beauty world. Brands are slowly moving to a cleaner and more sustainable approach, with a thought of doing their bit towards the environment.

Sustainability is not just a beauty buzzword right now, but has been making its way to our cliche skincare routines as well. Brands are prioritising eco-friendly ingredients and packaging. And hence, we are absolutely super keen to dig deeper about this raging trend.

For this Environment’s Day, we spoke with brands that have been consciously doing their bit towards the environment and decoded the newest ways of promoting sustainability in beauty.

Packaging Says It All

Environmental consciousness took the centre stage in the beauty world some time back and is now grappling into the consumer market with its high end sustainable approach. While the sellers are more inclined towards a cleaner and healthier way of packaging, brands are making a shift towards packaging materials like glass, bamboo and many more.

“We now have recyclable plastic containers and they are co made from recycled waste. Brands are also switching to glass containers as those have minimum impact. Currently, they are making cardboard containers as well (bamboo toothbrush, cardboard tubes) and all of these, directly and indirectly, affect the environment,” tells us Smita Baishakhia cosmetologist and head of product development at MyGlamm.

Many brands have been taking up campaigns to spread a word about sustainable packaging and how you can up-cycle the same.

“Our bottles and containers are made of glass and our outer packaging is made from recycled paper. We also encourage our users and followers to up-cycle the packaging in fun ways. To show how this is done, we’ve recently teamed up with Skrap, an environment sustainability firm to create awareness about ‘up-cycling’ our packaging on social media,” says Bhaskara Seth, co-founder, Neemli Naturals.

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Moreover, some brands are making a move on social media, while others are consciously making their consumers aware with small steps towards a cleaner and greener beauty standard.

“We also started the initiative of giving a free mask in exchange for five empty containers. This approach helped us in taking a small step towards sustainability,” says Nandeeta Manchanda, founder at Enn’s Closet.

Latest Eco-Friendly Beauty Ingredients Which Are A Hit

The long overdue wake-up call has inspired brands to experiment with the latest eco-friendly beauty ingredients as they see a surge in demand.

“The ingredients like hyaluronic acid, AHA, BHA and others have taken over the other conventional ingredients. These ingredients are highly effective and pose no threat to the environment because of their origin from nature and the non-toxic property,” explains  Manchanda

Bhaskara Seth, seconds the notion, “Hemp seed oil – an ingredient we use in our lip balm is having a moment in skincare. Known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it helps contribute to the cellular health of your skin.”

While the beauty industry is revolutionising with new skincare ingredients, old ayurvedic content is getting a modern twist. 

“Natural ingredients like Japapushpa, Jaitun or Curry Patta have sporadically been mentioned among eco-friendly ingredient trends. The best suited eco-friendly ingredients are the ones that originate from nature, like botanically-sourced Ayurvedic herbs and Plant extracts. There is a need to raise awareness among the buyers to use products with ingredients that leave no harmful after effects on the environment,” states Dr Himanshu Gandhi, co- founder and CEO of Mother Sparsh.

Clean Beauty Is The Ruling Trend

Clean beauty is still an interpretation for many and as we talk about how India is making an impressive turn in the sustainable beauty world, brands tell us how it will impact in future.

“India is also moving towards clean beauty, given rising consumer awareness. We’ve seen a growing interest in cruelty-free ingredients and label transparency – customers in India have now started valuing these aspects in skincare,” Bhaskara Seth.

Indulging In A Sustainable Skin Care Routine

Easy switches that you can make for a step towards a sustainable skincare routine.

Manchanda stresses on the fact that a consumer can play a great role when it comes to making a shift.

“The consumer should pay attention to the ingredients of any product they are using, and try to eliminate products with harmful ingredients. The consumers should also pay attention towards the eco-friendly practices followed by the brand in terms of packaging and shipping the products. Lesser the plastic usage better it is for the environment,” she explains.

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Decoding some trending ingredients for us, Baishakhia suggests using products with minimum ingredients.

“Use products which you actually need and will finish, and then recycle/ reuse the containers. Use products that are plant derived and vegan. Shea butter, marine extracts like algae, Moringa and many plant/ food derived extracts and oils are great to infuse in your skincare regimen,” she says.

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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