Curly Hair Women We Love: Embracing Curls In Style

Despite the fact how every hair type is meant to depict some or the other standard, curly hair has always been in. We decode the best of cult curl looks from the 90’s with celebrity hairstylist Samantha Kochhar.

Curly hair is non-suitable? Nada! Cult curls are a raging trend that we want to hop on. Curly hair has seen a revolution. From the classic era of the 90’s to the (not so) rocking 2021, curls have become more of a trend. The saying goes like, straight hair is more suitable but let us tell you that all you need are curls to instantly glam up.

The 90’s was a hit with strong women leads who embraced curls. From Kate Winslet’s red curly updo to Sara Jessica Parker’s signature curly tresses. Earlier, movies have given us the definition of “beautiful” as straight and glossy hair and with characters like Carrie Bradshaw, Vivian Ward and many more, curly hair has been the breaking stereotype always. 

Even if we see today, women like Mithila Palkar, Tapsee Pannu, Masaba and many others have been embracing their natural hair texture in style, making cult curls a trend on-screen and off-screen as well.

And as we talk about cult curls, we decided to go down the memory lane and decode some of the most iconic and ruling curly hairstyles from the 90’s. Samantha Kochhar, celebrity hairstylist, make-up artist and deputy chief hair expert of WorldSkills International, tells us the easiest way to recreate these timeless hairstyles.

“Society considered many things as unsuitable. But now things are changing and finally evolving. Healthy hair is in trend. Earlier people were not aware of how they can take care of their natural curls. With time, they have learned to care more about basic hair health than just worrying about their appearance,” says Samantha Kochhar.

1. Sara Jessica Parker AKA Our Very Favourite Carrie Bradshaw- Sex And The City

In the era of flouncy and poker straight hair, Carrie Bradshaw’s character was a breaking stereotype for many. We called it the “Carrie Curls” that took the 90’s by storm. She indeed aced the evolution of all her curly hairstyles from tight curls in SATC episodes to soft waves in the 2010 SATC movie. And least to say, we loved them all.

With the reboot of SATC, we are all geared up for a 10-episode revival , Just Like That and we can already feel the vibe coming our way. We just couldn’t keep our calm and decided to go down the memory lane and reminisce about the curly hair look of Carrie Bradshaw. 

Image Credits: Pinterest

Recreating the iconic look, might need some time but trust us, it is worth all the patience.

“Carrie Bradshaw portrayed a 3C curly girl. This look is a little bit heavy on the prep-work. You would need a curling iron, blow dryer, round brush, hairbrush, volume-boosting product, texturizing spray and a hairspray to begin with,” guides us celebrity hairstylist, Samantha Kochhar.

But Kochhar breaks the process down in simple steps for us.

“Begin with towel-dried hair and then apply the volume-boosting product. Once you are through with that, blow-dry your hair with a round brush. Keep using the hairspray throughout and then part your hair down from the center. Bring your curling iron to use and start curling your hair, section by section. Once you are done with it, spray the texturising spray to hold the curls,” she explains.

2. Lisa Kudrow AKA Phoebe Buffay- F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Phoebe’s character from Friends is an enigma, who poses a skyrocketing style quotient ALWAYS. It has enthralled us with some iconic beauty looks, throughout the show. And how can we ever skip the strong wavy strands? 

While it was “new” for a strong character to portray the look on-screen at that time, beachy waves are a hit now in 2021. And everyone is eager to try that. Who would blame them though?

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With quarantine blues, we surely need some tips to rock those beachy waves at home.

“Start with wet hair. Apply a volumizing mousse onto the scalp. Dry your hair and part into four sections. Then with the bottom section of hair which is down, use a curling iron or a straightener to create waves. Once curls are cool enough to the touch, gently run your fingers through the hair. To create more volume, use your fingers to run through the hair, and avoid using a comb or a brush, as it may break the look,” tells us Kochhar.

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3. Julia Roberts AKA Vivian Ward- Pretty Woman

One of the best rom-com characters that absolutely reigned our hearts has to be Vivian Ward’s from Pretty Woman. Her cascading curls were a hit. Cult curls are feminine and have been portraying a strong character ever since.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Who would mind giving a shot to this voluminous hairstyle? Because we have just made it easy for you to recreate this iconic look.

“Use volume boosting spray/mousse on damp hair before blow-drying. Blow-dry your hair while the hair is upside down and then back-comb dry hair with a fine-toothed comb. Afterwards, use a curling iron to create curls by 1 to 2-inch pieces of hair all over the head. Give a finishing look to the style with a setting spray,” explains Kochhar.

4. Kate Winslet AKA Rose DeWitt Bukater- Titanic

“My Heart Will Go On”– forever and ever. Rerunning it on our screens every now and then, Titanic has been a timeless classic and so has been Kate Winslet’s character, Rose. From slipping into those voluminous silhouettes and body fitting corsets, Rose’s character was more about the solid red curls and her signature curly updo.

Just before you step out, get some inspiration to rock the curly hair trend. And we break it down for you to get those curls in simple steps.

Image Credits: Pinterest

Kochhar tells us, “All you need to do is wrap one-inch sections around the curling iron barrel to create loose ringlets. Use one fourth inch curler and then spritz hair with hairspray to give curls. Back comb hair carefully with your fingers. Then spray some hairspray at the roots to set the hairstyle and give it a bounce.”

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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