4 Expert – Approved Detox Smoothies To Beat The Summer Heat

Smoothie it is! Experts tell us the easiest 2-minute detox smoothie recipes for that glowing and radiant skin.

Summer comes with lots of good food and smoothies are just perfect for an effective skin detox. Prepared in no time, smoothies are a great way to prep yourself for healthy skin. Packed with the goodness of endless vitamins and minerals, it’s time to do something good for our skin. Be it any time of the day, chilled detox smoothies or juices can do wonders to your skin. And with summers in full swing, who would say no to some chilling vibes? If you know what we mean.

We are already bookmarking these chilled detox smoothies to beat the summer blues and so should you. These nutritionist-approved smoothies are a healthy and natural way to aim for that glowing and clear skin.

1. Strawberry Smoothie- Recipe By Nutritional Therapist Sonali Bansal

Well who knew that strawberries could be tasty and healthy at the same time. Summers are a wake up call to detoxify your skin and protect it from various skin issues, especially acne breakouts and fruits like strawberries are a great way to combat them for a clear and healthy skin.


½ cucumber
4 to 5 strawberries
3 to 4 mint leaves
½ lemon
A pinch of salt
Some water and ice

Now, it’s not some rocket science, all you need to do is mix these ingredients in a blender and let them blend well until you get a smooth paste. Afterwards, in a glass with ice, pour your smoothie and voila!

2. Carrot Smoothie- Recipe By Nutritionist Arooshi Aggarwal

Well, we call it the deep cleansing smoothie!

“This smoothie is rich in Vitamin A , E and K and minerals like iron , zinc that keeps the skin glowing and firm,” tells us Aggarwal.

2 carrots (peeled and chopped/grated)
1 cup coconut milk/ any vegan milk
2 dates
1 cup pumpkin
Some ice cubes

Again- blend, blend and blend!!!!
Put it all together in a mixer and blend well. Then pour your smoothie in a glass with ice and beat the summer blues with your chilled drink.

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3. Green Smoothie- Recipe By Nutritional Therapist Sonali Bansal

Summer flavours!
Natural nutrition is a necessity for the skin too and hence, what better way than gorging on a chilled delectable smoothie?

1/2 cup Pineapple or any other fruit
1 cup Spinach
1/2 cup water or coconut milk ( if you are on a detox, please don’t add milk)
1/2 Banana
Ice cubes

Pour some ice in a glass followed by your blended smoothie and you are all set to bask in the sun on a balmy Sunday afternoon. Cheers!

4. Cucumber Basil Juice- Recipe By Diet Coach And Sports Nutritionist Dr Rajat Jain

Well, enough with the smoothie fever, let’s go a little light on our summer drinks, and instead detox with a simple cooler.

1 cup fresh basil leaves
1 large cucumber (peeled and cut/grated)
Some ice cubes

Now all you need to do is press all the ingredients through a juicer in batches. Stir all of them well and serve chilled!

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you.

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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