Skin Care Is The Biggest Self Care Ritual

Skincare is the voguish self care ritual that we need to follow RN. Experts from Innisfree India and BodyCafe share the self care mantra to glow this summer.

Talking about self care or any other care, for the matter of fact, could be a bit intimidating. And overwhelming! So let’s just settle one thing in a less daunting way to inspirit everyone out there.


There I said it. Period. 

I think for sure, that this pandemic made us realise that self care is not just that one day luxury thing that we used to have, whenever we had extra time or money to spare on and for ourselves. Because, no! It is definitely not. 

But as of now, people are accepting this fact and are adapting to it more open heartedly.

Skincare has been one of the best self care rituals practised widely amid the pandemic. People figured out various things about their own skin, that we can’t help but feel proud of each one of them, to decode the most important regimen. 

Although, some are still in the process of decoding and that’s why we are here to share our beauty secrets with you.

Experts from BodyCafé and Innisfree India help us unravel the concept of how self care has become an essential part of our routine amidst the pandemic and how we can accentuate the same in the summer of 2021. 

‘Importance’ Is Underrated When It Comes To Skin Care As Self Care

Literally, everything in this world requires some kind of maintenance that has to be kept over the time, to keep things running smoothly. Well, the same rule applies to our skin too. But our skin is not, for instance, a car that you might take out to get it serviced in about what, once in three months? Not acceptable at all!

“Life is precious, and is meant to be enjoyed. Self-care is an important activity to do every day, especially in today’s times wherein our emotional health is always threatened and compromised,” says Tanushree Ishani D, co-founder of BodyCafé.

People need to realise the negligence that they bestow on the self care practices like skincare. It is not just a secondary ritual or temporary regime that one does whenever they want to. 

But on the bright side, some of us in this phase have started acknowledging the care that our ‘self’ rightfully deserves.

‘Many people have become conscious about what they and their family members apply to the skin in looking for safer and effective ways to ensure overall wellness. It has actually shown us the importance of “ME” time. People are being more mindful now and choosing the right products, and are focussing on what they are applying on their skin and in their bodies.’ shares Mini Sood Banerjee, assistant director and head of marketing of Innisfree India.

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On-Call Best Skin Care Tips To Add In A Self Care Groove

Skincare is the kind of practise that we all need to inculcate in our routines. It has to be enjoyed thoroughly that every essence of it reflects and lingers on a person’s aura and mind.

Banerjee tells us, “Best skincare tip to have in a self care regimen can be trying out a new mask, or doing multi- masking by applying a mask, making some good tea or coffee to drink along and reading a book.”

She further adds, “I also really enjoy using masks for my hands and feet, and sheet masks on the face. All you need is some light music, muted lights, and a short  nap for 15-20 minutes! You’re guaranteed to feel fresher.”

Tanushree Ishani D seconds the notion and says, “Using products infused with the goodness of healing aromatherapy, ensures to feel an overall sense of emotional wellbeing in addition to experiencing the highest standards of personal grooming.”

Banerjee also shares a remarkable point to add on, “Another tip which I always try to do after a very tiring day is to put my feet in warm water, grab some bath salts, a few drops of oil and soak your feet for like 10-15 minutes, which is very relaxing.”

And we can’t agree more!

Self-Care X Skin Care Rituals That Are A Hit In 2021

Fairly, 2021 was a lot tougher. But with people being adamant to look after their new found love for skincare in their self care regimen, we all have established that we are at least gaining one good thing from this pandemic for us.

Moreover, we abide by these ruling trends shared by our experts.

“These days, people want to try different kinds of masks or home made masks. I think masking is the biggest Skincare X Self Care trend of 2021. Innisfree has a variety of different masks. Sheet masks, sleeping masks and with their own different benefits,” states Banerjee. 

“Our light-weight, cooling and 100% pure organic aloe vera gel is rich in strong soothing and healing properties. This multi tasking product can also be used as a remedy for treating sun burns, as an after-shave gel that cools, as a hair scalp massaging gel to control sebum secretion, and as an under eye gel to soothe tired eyes.” says Pooja Kadegoudar, co-founder of Bodycafé.

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We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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