Nutrition Tips: Detox Your Skin The Natural Way This Summer

Nutrition for the skin is equally important as any other skincare supplement and these nutritionists tell us the right way to detox our skin in a heathy and natural way.

While making a shift in your skincare regimen, nutrition is something that is overlooked in our diet (That box of waffles isn’t exactly giving your skin a boost of antioxidants). Good nutrition is exactly what one needs to detox their skin in a natural way. Just like everything else, your skin also needs to build the blocks for a healthy and glowing layer. A good boost of nutrition from within will help in getting a healthier complexion.

At the end of the day, your skin reflects what you consume!

To dig deeper into the intricacies of skin related nutrition, we speak to diet coach and sports nutritionist Dr Rajat Jain and nutritionist Arooshi Aggarwal, who give us the much-needed insights on the same. Summer is the perfect season to get glowing with a rejuvenating and healthy skin detox.

Nutrition Is Linked With Skin Care

It’s very well said that what we eat reflects on the skin and maintaining a healthy balance with our munching and food options can help in getting a naturally clear skin, thereby detoxing it through a much easier process.

“Achieving healthy skin and delaying skin ageing becomes extremely easy by following a balanced and nutritious lifestyle As per a study, skin health is closely linked to nutrition , which is required for all biological processes in the skin, from youth to ageing or disease,” explains Dr Rajat Jain.

Nutritionist Arooshi Aggarwal gives us a sneak peek into what it takes to get a clear skin
“Include foods majorly which are rich in antioxidants as they not only neutralises radicals both internally and externally but also boosts the immune system, which is a key to achieve a great skin,” she says.

Skincare is the voguish self care ritual that we need to follow RN. Experts from Innisfree India and Bodycafe share the hit self care mantra to glow this summer. To know more, click here.

Foods That Give Hydration Are A Must

We all have a list of rich and pigmented concealers, foundations and correctors to slay the flawless makeup look. Makeup is cool, we won’t disagree but what if we tell you loads of healthy food is the heavenly way to detox your skin?

Aggarwal explains, “Foods like berries, amla (indian gooseberry) guava, cherries, mulberries (all seasonal berries) do a good justice to achieve a good skin. Hydration again plays a vital role for good skin. Coconut water, kokum water, fennel seeds water, lemon mint water or any infused water works wonders for achieving healthy skin.”

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Sugar Intake Effects The Detoxification Process

Indulging with sugary substances is one sinful practise that we are not guilty of! But well, it concerns us with those “out of nowhere” marks on the skin sometimes. When on a skin detox, make sure you are careful with your sugar intake.

“Sugar intake affects the process of detoxification. Sugar can make you feel sluggish, bloated and anxious. The most immediate effect sugar has on your body is through your blood sugar,” tells us Jain.

He further adds, “When you eat things like simple carbohydrates in the form of bread, cookies, soda, candy, or anything containing table sugar, it enters the bloodstream quickly, causing a spike in the sugar content of your blood.”

It might cause acne marks. Too much sugar intake can even lead to early signs of ageing.

Summer Foods To The Rescue!

Summers just give you another reason to take a natural way to detox your skin. Citrus fruits and hydrated foods are the best way to go clean on your skin this season. 

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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