The Best Pastel Eye Makeup Looks For Summer

Summer Beauty Trend: Celebrity makeup artist Guru and makeup artist Mansi Lakhwani tells us the best tips and tricks to pull off pastel eye makeup this summer.

Gentle dewy eyes and bright peppy coloured lips have been a favourite all this time. The work from home mode might have put us into a “no-makeup” make-up routine but trust us, that 2021’s current obsession with the pastel eye makeup will instantly brighten up your vanity bag. The thought of embracing pops of colour might seem a bit daunting initially but once you get your hands on the trend in the right way, it’s all about creating new looks every other day. 

With all the masking, eye makeup is what we have that speaks for our mood and emotions, so why not pop it, and so pastel shades are the best way to do it this summer. From soft lilacs to neon green, pastel eyeshadow looks have become increasingly popular, and for all the good reasons. And decoding the biggest eye makeup trend of this summer, we have some of the best tips and looks for you by celebrity makeup artist Guru and makeup artist Mansi Lakhwani.

Pastel Colours To The Rescue For Your Summer Days

What’s better than glowing on your summer days and the best way to do it is with pastels. Pastel eye makeup has been enthralling and has become a ruling trend for 2021.

“Pastels are the perfect middle ground between subtle neutrals and vibrant pigments. They provide just a wash of light color while still being versatile enough to go with the rest of your makeup look. Plus, pastels happen to be some of the most beautiful hues of the rainbow — think mint green, lavender, rose petal pink, and baby blue (swoon),” tells us celebrity makeup artist Guru.

pastel eye makeup

Your regular wheelhouse of colours might turn bland sometimes but playing with an “out-of-the-ordinary” palette can add fun to your makeup look.

“Summer time is the time to highlight your new tans and bright pastels are the best to catch some eyes. My favorite summer pastels would be yellow, sunset orange, peaches, minty green decorated with some golds and whites,” states makeup artist Mansi Lakhwani.

She further adds, “You can wear these colors in super playful ways like creative eyeliners,  colorful inner corners or waterlines, softened under eyes, and poppy mascaras for your lashes. If you find yourself wobbling while creating lines, instead try the color wash technique.”

Pick Your Primer Very Carefully With Pastel Eye Makeup

While creating any makeup look, we just wish to the heavens to just keep our makeup in place till the end. Despite owning the best of primers, sometimes, they might not work for eye makeup due to their formulation.
“At the start, I literally could not be bothered to use eye primers or any kind and wondered why my eye looked faded by the end of the day. Then once I did use one, I had a horrible experience trying to blend my shadows out. This is where I learnt that not all eye primers are created equal,” tells us Guru.

“Primers are necessary to help the shadows stay on longer and keep the shadow from falling on your face. But it’s also essential to find a formula that works for you. Once you figure that out, trust me it’s smooth sailing with application no issues with blending. Two highly recommended eye primers are the NYX Professional Makeup Eyeshadow Primer and Urban Decay’s cult-favourite Primer Potion,” he adds.

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Go Crazy With Experimentation

A fresh pigment of peach on your eyes always feels refreshing but if you are a drama lover, you are going to love the peppy eyeliner looks.

“Eyeliner is just the ticket when you want to dramatize an eye look. But if you want your eyeliner to stand in place of shadow, opt for a more vibrant colour, like as lilac, mint green, candy pink, lavender, pale blue, etc,” says Guru.

pastel eye makeup

“When experimenting with pastels, opting for a fresh and soft base would be a good idea. You can opt for tinted moisturiser or a BB/CC cream. Best will be to avoid thick foundations, too much layering, bronzers, strong contouring, etc,” says Lakhwani.

Wash Of Colour Is The Ruling Makeup Trend This Summer

Eye makeup has seen its surge, thanks to the pandemic and who doesn’t like to enjoy playing with colourful palettes. As much as we have seen dramatic eyes and monochromatic looks, currently wash of colour is what’s taking over the internet.

pastel eye makeup

“Wash of colour eye makeup using a pigmented colour on the lids and lower lash line is an eye makeup trend that is making us go gaga over it. This vibrant yet elegant eye makeup was recently spotted at the runways of Paris Fashion Week and believe us, this is what you’re going to see all year,” says Guru.

Things To Remember While Doing Pastel Eye Makeup

An eyeshadow palette is a makeup lover’s favourite and we love when things get all colourful but we all have had our bad fallouts with makeup looks too! Acing the perfect makeup look is all that we want and these expert tips are the best when you are in doubt.

“Priming the eyelids is a must, but try a colour that’s near your skin tone so the colour doesn’t pop as much. If you want it to pop, try a white primer or eyeshadow pencil. You can use an eyeshadow primer or your concealer to prime,” says Guru.

pastel eye makeup tips

Seconding the notion is Lakhwani, who suggests, “Use lightweight products around the eyes to reduce the risk of eyeliner/kohl/under-eye detailing to wear off or slide. Powder Setting around the eyes or under the eyes is a crucial step and should not to be missed. It’s always better to opt for powder shadows instead of creams.”

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

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