Skinimalism: Minimal Skin Care Is The New Buzzing Trend

Trend Alert: Are you a skincare fanatic who is all about the 101 skincare step routine? This trend will surely change the set beauty standards.

Minimalism is what we all seek in this thriving complex world. So why do we keep on forgetting that the harshness of overdoing something to achieve better results isn’t always as effective as we think it is. Even in skincare! Skinimalism, the ruling trend this year, has partaken its way through everybody’s mind and soul, even if they aren’t a minimalism enthusiast.

Because honestly, everybody is fond of the concept where one has to do less to achieve more. Like for real, who wouldn’t be!

The old and gold saying that; ‘the best beauty is the natural beauty’, goes so well with this new buzzing concept that’s striking its way into the world of skincare and other beauty trends. 

This new jargon does come off a bit intimidating at first and all the buzz around the trend does make it seem a far fetched concept but it’s in fact, as simple as the way it’s name is created. 

From the two basic words coming together; SKIN MINIMALISM, and carrying the simple meaning with it. 

We got together with experts from Maccaron Beauty and Innisfree India, to dig deeper about the new minimalistic approach introduced as the new art for skincare. And the reasons why it’s appreciated for achieving natural beauty and nurturing real skin.

Skinimalism Decoded

Minimalist Skincare Trend

Whenever our skin faces any problems like pigmentation, blemishes or breakouts, our mind goes into hysterics, and we all, without even giving a second thought, just apply all the active serums and creams and what not, to make it stop or go away. Also in the other case scenarios, most of us think that a 10 or 15 step skincare routine is a must to get healthy skin.

I mean it all was, but not any more! We can cure all the problems and have a simple sorted routine now by being a skinimalist. 

skinimalism trend

“The hype with this ‘less is more’ skincare trend is all around! The main idea is to get the most out of the essential skincare products! The focus is to get healthier skin by using the essentials and not hoarding on lots of products. And let’s be honest, adding more products to the skincare routine is not the way to go. More products don’t mean more results so we need to choose the right product according to the right skin concern,” states Irene Kim, beauty and skincare expert of the Maccaron Vanity Committee, South Korea.

People can at least start off with the bare minimum to their cure! 

“I think it’s all about a minimalistic approach in your skincare and makeup routine products. But at the same time, ensure that one gets the right products which are required for the skin to maintain its hydration and moisturisation levels,”  says Mini Sood Banerjee, assistant director and head of marketing of Innisfree India.

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Skinimalism As A Clean Beauty Trend

Clean is what we like, and with this trend, we are ruling it over like the royalties we are. 

No unnecessary facets near us or on us, just the natural glow. 

Because honestly, that will be enough to and fro! Oh, IT RHYMED!

Skinimalism As A Clean Beauty Trend

The clean beauty trend here implies on using the potent ingredient product that can help solve our skin concerns whilst ensuring its natural ability to heal. Focusing more on products which have a simple composition and no harmful ingredients like perfume etc. This trend can help us solve our troubles,” says Irene Kim.

Banerjee adds, “Skin minimalism routine leads to a well maintained beauty regime. It includes the use of fewer products that make your skin feel healthy and lighter. It helps to rejuvenate and glow naturally with minimal products required for the skin. Since fewer products are required hence this is considered to be a clean beauty trend. Sometimes less is more.”

Skinimalism Emerging In As A “Pocket-Friendly” Routine

This particular trend has emerged from the social media itself and is approved by the audience from everywhere possible. This simple, audience-loved concept, predicted by people themselves, has come to the rescue of many people and improved the lifestyle choices by the importance it carries.

“The minimalist skincare routine is usually pocket friendly and is sustainable. One does not have to think and spend on their daily skincare products. The lifestyle becomes more simple and clean and we know what are the right products our skin needs.’ states Banerjee.

skinimalism emerging In as a pocket friendly routine

We think this is a blessing, absolutely not in disguise, for the lazy people who all think that doing the whole 10 steps routine takes too much of their time and their wallets can’t afford it. 

Because as of now, I am sure, ain’t no wallets gonna complain anymore!!

“I would say it’s easier to follow. We all have busy city lives and this trend helps us to have a simple yet effective skincare routine. You are also allowing your skin to breathe and not layer it with all the products in the market,” says Kim.

Necessities For A Perfect Skinimalism Routine

When given a chance, why not make this trend a part of your beauty routine and who knows if it can do wonders for your skin.

“I would suggest my staples that includes a great cleanser which deeply cleanses the skin followed by a serum treatment for particular skin concern, moisturiser and SPF, which is ultra important and not to miss.” suggests Kim.

And we’d say..Voila indeed!

Referring to her choices and suggestions, Irene Kim further explains, ’The focus should be on products which are going to be your holy grail in your skincare routine. The must haves you can’t go without. This will help get healthier skin and is also a great eco- friendly option.”

necessities for A perfect skinimalism routine

Seconding Kim’s notion, Banerjee endorses her choices for the trending approach, which by the way is not so minimal in its work. And is blowing like a howling gale. 

She adds, ‘I would recommend a gentle cleanser, something as an exfoliator/serum/ toner, either of these but according to one’s skin’s need, an eye cream, a great moisturiser and the most needed sunblock.’

To throw some shimmer on the products focused on the new-risen skincare trend, Mini Banerjee proposes, ‘We need to stick to the basics while choosing products under this approach. Maybe have products which have dual functions or a combination of products in one product.”

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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