These Amazing Lipstick Dupes Are What We Need In Our Life RN

Lipstick dupes under a budget! These lipstick dupes are the perfect fit for high end luxe lipsticks that we have been longing for since forever.

We all want to grab those gorgeous Kylie launches but of course, we don’t want that to cost us a fortune. Many people out there still don’t know what lipstick dupes are exactly, and I am sad. Extremely SAD! And here, to rectify the situation because my fashion and makeup loving chicas and chicos deserve to know the best possible way to rock their looks and turn heads without digging a deep whole in their wallets! I promise after this, I’ll be the fairy godmother of you all! And I ain’t even kidding.


Imagine a world where you can experience almost the same quality and exact shade of that expensive lipstick or foundation or maybe even an eyeshadow colour shade that you always dreamt about having in your makeup kits, but could never really. Well because it makes a thundering sound of cha-ching and your ‘wallet ears’ aren’t ready for that. If you get what I mean! We don’t want to splurge that kind of money on one single lipstick.

But don’t worry because I am here to make that dream near to possible with the best  lipstick dupes which are affordable and so similar to each other. No one will know which one is disguising the other. They are the deal breakers!!

1. Product – MAC Velvet Teddy

Dupes – Wet n Wild Bare It All, Maybelline Seductress

Wet n Wild Bare It All

wet n wild lipstick dupes

Maybelline Seductress

maybelline lipstick dupes

Don’t be too shocked because here, I have got two for you all. Can’t afford the lovely Velvet Teddy from MAC, I’ve got your backs with these two amazing dupes of Wet n Wild Bare It All and Maybelline Seductress which will look just as you are wearing the far fetched MAC expensive! Shhh.. No one has to know, right? It’s only between us!

2. Product – Colorpop Beeper

Dupe – NYX Liquid Suede Soft Spoken

NYX lipstick dupes

It indeed is so soft spoken like its name that if you apply these products together on each of your lips simultaneously, no one will ever know that you are wearing two different brand shades at one. 

The similarity is outstanding. In the case of this dupe, no one will ever believe only that there are two shades on your lips even after you tell them so. But, who’s going to tell them? Not me.

3. Product – Kylie Cosmetic Pumpkin 

Dupe – Maybelline Fighter

maybelline lipstick dupes

I believe whichever product that is considered as a dupe of Kylie Cosmetics, should go straight away inside your make up vanity. Because people, the bitter truth is that Kylie’s expensive and we ain’t ready for that yet. But Maybelline Fighter has fought and won over as the reasonable dupe, which will definitely make you fall in love with the shade, resting everything aside. 

4. Product – KKW Beauty Nude 4 (Mid-Tone Cool Nude)

Dupe – NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Sandstorm

NYX lipstick dupes

I personally love nude shades and think that they can be bold and subtle at the same time, making a statement. And I also know the fact that Kim K. always rocks the effortless nude shade looks, be it in fashion or makeup. Her KKW Beauty Nude 4 is that kind of shade which will become a statement without even putting much effort with it. But BEHOLD, because NYX Liquid Suede Sandstorm also screams boldness in a very subtle way as well as is the most suitable and affordable dupe of Beauty Nude 4 out there.

5. Product – Smashbox Babe Alert 

Dupe – Elf Mauvelous

elf lipstick dupes

These two are so similar that it blows my mind away. If you don’t believe it, try them both together and ask someone to differ. I bet they won’t be able to. Elf Mauvelous is the marvellous dupe with a perfect similar shade to Smashbox Babe Alert that you can get at reasonable price. 

6. Product – Smash Box Gulabae

Dupe – Maybelline Touch of Spice

maybelline lipstick dupes

I guess unintentionally, the motto of Maybelline is – Go Save Money! Because honestly the difference between Smashbox Gulabae and Maybelline Touch of Spice is so freaking huge that my pocket is shivering and liking lovely Maybelline at the same time. Touch of Spice is so similar in it’s shade with Gulabae that it’s literally beautiful, unbelievable and making me cry happy tears!

7. Product – MAC Ruby Woo

Dupe – Blue Heaven Powder Matte – Ruby Glow

blue heaven lipstick dupes

I think Ruby Woo is the most loved MAC lipstick. It’s matte, it’s beautiful and it’s RED!

“Hear me screaming.. fan-girling.. and ultimately crying because of the price.”

The most bang on dupe, that after seeing the similarity in their shades, made me into an emoji with heart eyes. Yes, It’s the Blue Heaven Powder Matte in the shade of Ruby Glow. It’s not only similar in shade to Ruby Woo but the texture is also very very close. You’ve got to get it, seriously.

Because according to me, everyone should have that bold red shade lipstick in their kits to turn all heads around!

Go, save your money !! Try them out and tell us what you think !

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