5 Latest Korean Beauty Trends To Look Out For In 2021

K-Beauty: Thanks to K-Dramas and K-pop, we have been obsessing over Korean makeup trends for a while now and if you are a K-beauty fanatic, then these are must to try.

New trends have been brimming on the horizon and more or less it has all been about K-beauty. Thanks to Korean beauty, our procrastinated skincare routines have taken the front row once again. But trust us, Korean beauty is way more than just skincare and all you makeup fanatics, your makeup regimen won’t be the same once you try your hands on these raging Korean makeup trends that are a hit this year.

Our obsession for South Korea will just accentuate after these makeup trends. “You will look beautiful if you put on some makeup.” Oh, that’s an absolute ‘NO!’ my friend. Because I guarantee that every person is beautiful in its own way. It’s just the technique that we need to get right and we assure you these trends are all about it.

Rock your existing beauty routines with these Korean makeup trends!

1. Mirror Skin

Skincare inspired makeup! It is well known that Korean skincare has been trending lately worldwide. From having glass skin to focusing on having mirror skin now, this trend is highly focussed on a healthy and dedicated skincare regime. Getting a highlighted and tinted glow with the help of skincare is what mirror skin is all up.

2. Natural Brows Look

natural eyebrow korean makeup trends
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From a very long time, a wide range of cosmetics and tools have been used specially for shaping, thickening, correcting the brows but this recent Korean trend focuses more on keeping eyebrows to its best possible natural look. This trend simplifies the makeup for eyebrows by working a little on them by simply brushing the brows using spoolie brush for shaping them and using brow powder for filling the gaps in between, replacing it from brow pencils. Natural looking eye brows seem to have way more impact and attraction than any other eyebrows makeup.

3. The Mauve Look

The mauve colour lies somewhere between pink and purple. This colour has the potential to give you a bold and a sweet look at the same time and goes with every skin tone. Also, mauve makeup look, goes well with a huge variety of outfits, from formals to informal. And so, it is the reason why this colour has to be a must add-on to your lipstick and eyeshadow collection as this colour will accentuate the look single handedly.

4. Blushy Cheeks

blushy cheeks korean makeup trends
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Makeup with a no blush on? It’s a big miss if you consider doing makeup as per the latest Korean makeup trend without blush. Just imagine those dark red circles on your cheeks, won’t it look amazing? Oh! Come on! Don’t worry I am just kidding. Well, it’s just about putting the right amount of blush on your cheeks with those soft light pink and peachy colours, and spreading it the right way, with the right quantity and you are done with our trendy blushy cheeks. Korean beauty trends are absolutely incomplete without this one on your list.

5. Taupe Eye Shadow

taupe eye shadow korean makeup trends
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The colour taupe lies between grey and brown, and because of its colour it has been neglected for quite a while, but now that a chance was given to this colour, specially for eye makeup it came out to be one of the most graceful colours ever and has been a part of 2021 Korean makeup trend. With little add-ons of an eyeliner stroke, tinge of glitter and mascara curling, it will give your eyes the perfect look ever. It’s time to let your eyes do all the talking!

We hope this might have turned out as a bit informative and interesting piece for you. 

Let us know in the comment section. Keep reading, pals!

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