Is Skin Fasting The New Trend For Clear Skin?

Skin Fasting: What if we tell you that you don’t need products to enhance your skin? Experts decode this skincare trend for us.

REST! Technically, this is what we all need mentally and physically. A reset button is the most essential need of the hour, especially when it comes to our well-being and skincare. For some skincare is all about going gaga over a 101 skincare step routine, while for others it is about just following a basic CTM routine. Rejuvenate, relax and detox are the three words that give you a cue about the newest skincare trend that is once again making rounds. Skin fasting is a Japanese trend, which is about giving up skincare products for a period of time and achieving clear and radiant skin. 

The first trend which is about eliminating and to get in-depth knowledge about it, we got together with Dr Blossom Kochhar, celebrity aromatherapist and founder of Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic and Dr Rajat Kandhari, Consultant Dermatologist at Dr Kandhari’s Skin and Dental Clinic, Veya Aesthetics.

Skin Fasting: What Is It?

Detox and body reset have been buzzwords for a while now. A similar approach towards skincare is what people are obsessing over recently. Having its roots as a Japanese trend, skin fasting is slowly once again making its way into our routines to achieve clear and radiant skin.

skin fasting

“The exact idea of skin fasting is to let your skin breathe, repair and replenis” itself – somewhat akin to the natural bodily repair by boosting ones immunity,” tells us Dr Rajat Kandhari, consultant dermatologist at Dr Kandhari’s skin and dental clinic, Veya Aesthetics.

Celebrity aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar explains how it works. “It is a method in which we stop using skincare products for some time.It allows the skin to react with natural oils of the skin and heal within. It also makes the skin toxin-free and repairs it. Skin fasting can even treat the harmful effects caused by any skincare product,” she says.

Is Skin Fasting The New Trend For Clear Skin?

Being natural is the approach that we all are looking forward to, especially when it comes to the beauty sector. 

“Nowadays, everyone prefers using skincare products that are more naturally derived. They are more inclined towards natural beauty and the internal health of the skin. Skin fasting is a process in which we give no external product to the skin, and it only works with the natural oils of the skin,” explains Kochhar. 

skin fasting

A 10 skincare step routine might have become our current obsession but the new trend is all about clicking the reset button.

“Usually,when we change our skincare regime we either end up adding a step to it or removing a step from it, which may or may not be suitable for skin. But with skin fasting, we allow the skin to breathe and heal without the risk of any serious harm,” she adds.

Practise Skin Fasting As Per Your Skin Type

While any skin type can try this – it’s particularly helpful for people with oily skin type and combination skin type, says Dr Kandhari.

He further adds, “In the event of excessively dry, oily or sensitive skins or eczematous skin type, it may lead to issues as the skin actually requires external application to maintain in its integrity.”

Kochhar seconds the notion and says, “People with sensitive or dry skin should slowly add skin fasting to their regime and also observe the skin from time to time.”

Pro Tip: Skin fasting might not be the best idea for people with acne prone skin as it may break the ongoing acne treatment.
tips for skin fasting

Does Season Matter When Doing Skin Fasting?

We have surely heard about seasonal shifts in skincare but this time, it’s about going on a detox journey with your skincare regimen.

“You should avoid skin fasting during extreme winter and extreme summer (humid). During these two seasons, the skin is in its most sensitive stage. Adding skin fasting during these times can make it more sensitive and it can even harm the skin. Skin fasting can be done during the monsoon,” says Kochhar.

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