Reviewed : BodyCafe’s Turmeric Ginger Scrub Is The “It” Skincare Treat

The BodyCafe Turmeric Ginger Scrub might be your one stop solution to your skincare woes. It aims at giving you a moisturised and glowing skin post usage.

Fascination for plump and exfoliated skin has always been on our high interest list. Ever since the pandemic hit us, our self care routines have become more like skincare ones and for all the right reasons. Body scrubs have always intrigued me. They are the best things out there to exfoliate your skin, remove those unwanted dead cells and aggressive ingredients, making the texture smoother. It allows the skin to breathe, generate and stimulate skin cell turnover. The best possibility and promise that scrub assures, is in preventing acne breakouts in future. Yes, body acne exists and body scrubs might be your one true solution to that!

Well then HELLO!…I am here, just keeping all the facts together on the table for you all, along with the BodyCafe’s Turmeric Ginger face and body scrub. Scrub, scrub and scrub, cause your body needs it.

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The Veil : Appearance

Sometimes, it is all about the aesthetics, and product’s compact and portable packing says it all.

In a neat white box, BodyCafe’s Turmeric Ginger Body and Face Scrub has all the necessary information that one requires of the product within and is honestly a great start. Designed very simply, the packaging is quite effective in bringing out its words and messages clearly, in a black bold font. The material of the box is quite sturdy too to hold the product within, so the good news is that the product will reach you all smoothly and safely. The scrub is packed in perfect right amount within a solid translucent plastic container, giving you a gist of the product within.

The Essence : Feels

The texture of a product matters the most, it almost partly indicates how it might feel on the skin.

At the first glance, the scrub appeared as a rough textured gooey creme, which when looked closely indeed had a sandy consistency. The essential oils used to develop this scrub were definitely heaving into the view. For those who are organic fanatics, to them this scrub might appear as its name. Just like a turmeric paste! OH, and they won’t be disappointed. Holding on to that thought, it also carries quite a strong fragrance of the turmeric and ginger all mixed.

The Caress : Partake On Skin

Don’t we all need a scrub that exfoliates the body in a way that it feels moisturised afterwards? Hell yes! We have been looking for that for a long time. Well, here’s your cue to that.

The feel of the first touch gave away a thick, grainy, yet gooey like structure of the scrub. Easily spreadable with the help of just the right amount of water applied together, to smoothen out the application. So, watch out better, wet the skin before application and gently massage in small circular motion allowing the tiny granules to do their jobs. 

Although at first, the granules in the scrub do come out a bit strong on the skin. 

Let’s just say that the scrub ain’t kidding with the fact that it will (stressing on the word ‘will’) remove the dead skin because it literally would. So just a little heads up for you all that the scrub and the scrubbing might be a little firm if you have tender skin. Gotta bear the little stings to get that smooth care here, anyway! 

But don’t sweat on it, because I know you all are gonna make it.

The Hallmarks : Active Ingredients

YES! Ingredients matter! And knowing what you are using will help you identify the key ingredient for your skin issue and prove to give your skin effective results.

Turmeric and Ginger ~ Made with the greatest care and built with the authenticity of the best ingredients and is nurtured by the earnest hands. The turmeric used in this scrub is derived straight from Lakadong, which is famous and known for its medicinal qualities. As it contains 7% curcumin which is the highest one can find in most turmeric varieties that usually carries as against 2 to 3%. The goodness of turmeric helps in improving skin texture and gives that youthful glow.

Essential Oils ~ The vital oils of both turmeric and ginger oils present in this scrub, provides the skin with therapeutic and antiseptic properties. As well as the emollient rich oils such as rose-hip seed oil, cold pressed avocado oil, almond oil, extra virgin olive oil and jojoba oil, engage all together towards the nourishment of the skin, making sure it’s indeed a deep penetration full with ailment.

The Glory : Analysis

Time to rejuvenate, beauties! We have our relaxing checklist sorted with this BodyCafe’s scrub and trust us, exfoliating never felt so good before.

Using it on my body and face ( I mean, I had to try it out fully and people – No Regrets! ) I can conclude that this scrub definitely smoothens out the skin and rejuvenates the skin cell turnover. I know I am repeating this but it genuinely did that for me. It removed the grime, dirt, and dead skin cells residing on the very skin and because of the active sugar cane power, it also helped in stimulating the blood circulation and in a way, detoxified the skin with the help of the best Indian antiseptic ingredients, turmeric and ginger, included in it. 

I instantly felt the plump feel to the skin and the scrub on the other hand surely locked the oils in the skin, maintaining its hydration levels and withholding the moisture within. A radiant glow surfaced along with a new, clean layer of the skin and surprisingly it sustained skin elasticity as well. 

The Caliber : Worthwhile?

Hmm.. Let’s see! With the price and the quality of the product, it’s texture and everything – a prominent YES. Simply put, this turmeric ginger body and face scrub is a good way to go. One won’t be disappointed and can freely give this a try. Well, I think it’s surely worth it. The packaging is simple and pretty, and an effective product is all that you need to get your skincare routines sorted.

The Key Call : Our Notion

BodyCafe’s Turmeric Ginger body and face scrub is an effective scrub that gently exfoliates dead skin cells off your skin, oh well and does a lot like I’ve mentioned above so many times. Guilty! But not really! It’s indeed one of the many best scrubs that I’ve tried so far. So, if you are looking for a non-irritating, organically produced scrub that works, I recommend giving this one, one of your shots.

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Gurleen Kaur

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  1. Personally been using this scrub for a long long time and absolutely love it. Has improved the elasticity of my skin and I also use it for body polishing. I feel a healthy natural glow.

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