This Year Festive Makeup Is All About Being Minimal

Raksha Bandhan 2021: Makeup artists decode for us the easiest yet the most ultra-glam looks to create this Raksha Bandhan for those cosy homely festive affairs.

Festive season is the perfect time to go all experimental and with the global pandemic hitting our social lives, festivity has been all about cosy get togethers and intimate gatherings. While we are (thankfully) safe and healthy at our homes, it’s time to make those homely festive celebrations memorable ones with anew festive makeup glamour.

Celebrating the sibling bond is special and so is the occasion of Raksha Bandhan and the best way to express anything is by makeup. Spice up the festive season with head-turning festive trends and make a striking statement as we officially roll into the festive cheer. Whether you are into ultra-glam looks or someone who adores the natural dewy one, these MUA approved tips and makeup looks are a trend for this season.

So, I will take that as my cue to get straight into sharing the most beautiful and yet simple mood-board ( makeup looks ) that we have set together with the help of makeup artist Nikhar Jivani and Mansi Lakhwani.

Festive Trends With Minimalistic Approach

This year we are keeping it simple and yet screaming glam at the same time. Take your ultra-glam quotient to heights with literal “over the top” looks and this time festive season is also about going all minimal but with a glam approach.

Makeup artist Nikhar Jivani has decoded it in a simple demeanour and states, “There are a few creative techniques that’ll set the festive trend such as nice golden or silver shimmery eyes with mascara that help make your eyes look bigger with a coat of glossy lips. I also do see the trend shifting from plain black eyeliner to a colourful eyeliner, like a blue, green, red and purple with nude lips. Wearing minimal makeup that is combined with a pop of colour on the lips which is perfect for any vibrant Indian wear.”

Seconding the creative look with her own spice, Mansi Lakhwani adds, “This style is my personal favourite. Just a pop of bright matte eye shadow matching the outfit on the lids, fluttery lashes and tips talking loud with gloss and you are set to slay the festival.”

Tip-Offs For Festive Fiestas In Monsoon

With festivals turning into an intimate affair once again, we cannot wait to rock those minimal aesthetics but in style and the humid season might be a turn off, but fret not! We have some handy secrets that will help you keep the shine throughout the day.

“Since Raksha Bandhan is celebrated at home and the ritual of tying Rakhi happens in the early hours of the morning. It only makes sense to keep the makeup to very minimal. Having said that, the pandemic has made us go out less often which means that these festivities have given us a reasonable way to dress up; makeup wise.”, says Nikhar.

Simple and sorted, that’s what the festivities are all about this season and these tips and easy to create looks are making it all easy for us.

She further adds, “The best looks to kill are either nice shimmery eyes with a volume and lengthening mascara or a colourful eyeliner. One could also merge both the options together and make it as one look with a nice pinkish nude or brownish nude colour. For those who aren’t too big on eye makeup or are not so confident in doing much with their eyes, they could opt for bright and bold lips that compliments the outfit.”

Classic Vignette of Makeup Looks For Festive Season

Most of the time, SIMPLE sets a style that people recognise and admire more easily, and are familiar with its foundation. The glow of the tradition, time spent together with close people and the things that makes it all festive about and on that particular day, brings out a different radiance that no look can compete with. The gleam is too powerful that your whole face sparkles with the least effort.

So the looks that are compatible with such intensity and warmth according to Nikhar is, ‘The best makeup looks that every woman can style and create a statement are classic winged eyeliner. It compliments all eye colours and shapes. There is also a bold red lip that you can go, for which is forever in fashion. Just make sure to find the right shade that suits your skin complexion and undertone.’

Lakhwani also tags along with her stamp, seconding our notion, ‘ Simple and chic is what we are aiming for. So, nothing beats kohl rimmed eyes, bold or smudged. Even if it’s black or any other colour with that tiny stud bindi in the centre of your forehead and any bright lip colour. This phases fashion and festivals together in a subtle and yet enjoyable way.’

Adding more to this vignette we created because it feels right to share and just keeping it for ourselves will be CHEATING you on guys and we are not like that, Nikhar adds, ‘Creating a subtle natural wearing makeup that accentuates your features with a mascara, sweep of bronzer and blush and colour washing the eyes with a natural earthy tone of eye shadow will bring out your natural beauty and that itself would make a statement’.

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