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Get deeper into the world of perfumes and fragrance families as we decode everything with luxury perfume brand Ajmal Perfumes.

Smell Is A Word, Fragrance Is Literature. Carry It Like Your Very Own Legacy.

Hunkered down in a low mood? A fresh and breezy fragrance can awaken the dampened spirit. Choosing a perfume is a process of elimination and trust us, every great perfume in your closet must be having a story. There are times when we are socialising at a gathering and suddenly one single sniff of a fragrance from the crowd can make us go all gaga and the everlasting hunt for that fragrance seems unreal sometimes. 

Believe me, I am not even kidding. 

But this is the time where I empathise with those people who are not able to figure out their tastes in fragrances and perfumery. Unfortunately, I am also one of them. 

Is it woody or musky or aromatic, that is always the question for us. And since I am sensitive to different smells, this gets even tougher because there are only a few of the fragrances out there that I actually like and which doesn’t affect me or give me a headache. I know quite a lot of you all will definitely nod along with me on this. 

So to figure out all the dimensions of perfumery, it’s massive world about fragrances and to give a kick start to those who know absolutely nothing about fragrances to begin with, we got together with the luxury perfume brand Ajmal & Sons’ perfumist and business mentor, Abdulla Ajmal. And as a person who was just a lost soul in this fragrant world without any knowledge, I would say, I WAS WELL TAUGHT !

Signature Fragrance – Perceive The Expression

The one thing that always bugged me, was when I was asked about my signature fragrance. I didn’t know what to answer because I didn’t know what it exactly meant. So I asked this forward to put a clear light to it and Ajmal states that, “A signature fragrance is something that people identify you with. This happens over a period of time, over a few trials of different fragrances. And when you stick to one particular fragrance on most days and people recognise you with it, that’s a signature fragrance.”

AND- EDPs Group Shot ajmal fragrances perfurmes
AND – EDP Range

Course Of Action To Sense And Bag Signature Fragrances

Moving forward, as newbies to the fragrant world, we asked Ajmal,what was the perfect way to find a signature fragrance especially for an amateur. And what we got to know was that ‘One must have an innate liking or interest in fragrances’, which made us curious about the initial foundations of this act and statement. 

He further states, “If we are talking of signature scent, then it addresses an audience that is aware of scents and has a basic understanding of how to wear them. You cannot have a signature fragrance if you don’t have any knowledge about scents.”

AND- EDPs Group Shot ajmal fragrances perfumes
Global Desi- EDP Range

When a person has a liking to it or develops it and wants to know more, the next step according to the perfumist is to identify the top three fragrances which you all instinctively reach out to and are placed on the dressers. It could be one or two.

“So, whenever you’re going out, or just being at home and you’ve taken a shower, you spritz a little bit because it gives you comfort. Your scent should give you comfort. It doesn’t matter what family of fragrance it is from, day or night, light or strong. As long as you feel good wearing it: that’s YOU. You don’t choose something to become your signature fragrance. It becomes a signature over a prolonged period of time,” he explains.

Fathom The Scent Profile

The impression of a scent profile has always made me wonder what exactly is the concept of it and what foundation is it that it’s really based upon. It has always confused me in terms of finding my own scent. And, Ajmal straightaway referred to it as vague.

He says, “The concept of it is vague, but it refers to your scent personality. It literally means, the kind of scents you will gravitate more towards. The universe of perfumery is divided into scent families such as floral, oriental, woody, musky, fruity, aromatic etc. Depending on our cultural and emotional memories, we are drawn to certain families.”

fragrance family ajmal fragrances perfumes

He further adds that it is not important to identify all the fragrance families because that’s for the trade and the experts to do. Honestly and personally that’s a relief, I mean until and unless you wanna do a high end research on it, you don’t want to go around sniffing so many scents in this entire world. It would be a real tiring task for the noses. 

Guiding us in a much simpler and straightforward way, Abdulla adds, “You just need to identify which family appeals to you. You can go to a department store or a fragrance store and identify what you like and you’ll figure out which is your dominant family and sub dominant families.”

PRO TIP : If you like floral families, you might also like fruity florals which are a sub family or oriental families which have emerged over the past few years as a trend. Don’t forget to check those too and broaden your fragrant horizon.

Exploring The Seasonal Preferences

Summers and winters do leave an effect on our choices of how we want our scent to be in those times. Apparently we don’t want to come out too strong and spicy in summers when the ambience and essence is light and breezy just like being in a garden or at a casual trip to an amusement park. And the same goes for winters. 

Global Desi- Soulful Trance by Ajmal Fragrances perfumes
Global Desi- Soulful Trance by Ajmal Fragrances

Ajmal has more to add to it, he states, “Lighter fresher florals, light woody musks are more for summer, the heavier, darker, oriental fragrances turn out to be better for the winter. It’s the same thing with a day or an evening fragrance. While seasons do impact the selection of fragrances, there is no set rule that you can’t wear certain fragrances during certain seasons. Personally, if I feel like it, I can wear heavy oudhy fragrances even in the peak of summer. It’s all about what you feel like wearing.”

But of course,

There sure is a caveat that he has mentioned agreeing to us, which seconds our notion, “If you feel like wearing something rich and heavy but you work around a lot of people or you travel by train, it’s not the best of decisions because the last thing you want to do is to affect others by your choice of fragrance.”

“It’s important to be cognisant and respectful of your surroundings and environment. I’ve known people who have gone to gyms and given someone an asthma attack because they have worn such strong fragrances. It’s always best to choose the appropriate fragrance for your surroundings,”he adds. 

 AND- Eternal Radiance by Ajmal Perfumes fragrances
AND- Eternal Radiance by Ajmal Perfumes

So indeed, the components like the ambience, the seasons and the time, all together matters with your own choices and your situations. It’s not really simple but is simple if you do it the correct way. Just need to be considerate about some things and consider some things as well. 

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