Experiencing K-Beauty With The COSRX Mini Set

When in doubt about which product to go for, opt for this mini kit from COSRX, which aims to a give radiant and clear skin. Glowing skin is just a box away!

You know it’s going to be a fruitful and loving day for your skin when there are a whole lot of basic required products in your mini kit to try on. And if that product set has the focused care of snail muchin, birch sap and a lot more stuff in it, it will indeed also be a healing and nourishing day. I’ll stop beating around the bush and come straight to the point that if there is a best thing that COSRX has given to us, it is their favourite mini sets, to set our eyes and hands on.


With the COSRX mini set in my mind and soul, I will take the obvious cue to share all the things, and take me literally here when I say – ALL THE THINGS ; about the best and effective snail muchin magic and more, this mini set and its products have. 

I am driving straight into it. 

You might want to continue reading if you want to find out more! BE CURIOUS!

The Veil : Appearance

Well to start with aesthetics, the set comes in a tight-fit, small box making it really exciting for people to find out all the products hiding inside it. Brilliant bold font, cool colour scheme and classic packing material and texture – I think it’s safe to say that the pretty little box passed the vibe check for the party. Well, it surely did for me!

But, still waiting on what’s inside because as you all know, that’s what really matters. (excuse my dramatic self) The product packaging also looks pretty classy with all its essential and necessary information straight up in the front. The best is Pimple Patch’s resealable pouch. You can’t quite miss it. 

COSRX Mini Set review

The Essence : Feels

So, I have to explain the texture of all the four products on the very first look and touch…..Things are going to get intense here, folks. Hold on tight!

The Good Morning Cleanser, in the very first look, appeared mild and gentle with it’s transparent, smooth gel-créame type formula. I surely felt no heavy feel to the cleanser while spreading, as it almost vanished in my hands.

And on the same page, the Muchin Power Essence is a transparent formula with some generous viscosity. The natural texture was thick and water based and the essence really was quick and light enough to dive and get absorbed straight into the skin.

COSRX Mini Set review

Moisturising Lotion came in the transparent gel look which was quite soft to it’s feel and easy to spread. Non-sticky to its power, it indeed was light weight and got easily absorbed. The lotion also carried a cool scent of lemon and tea tea leaf together, which might appear overwhelming to some people. 

Pimple Master Patch was quite easy to layer on skin. The patches were indeed soft, kind of like velvety but that might not appear the same to others. But it sure felt like a feather’s caress. And that’s exactly what the skin having a pimple or acne needs. Did I lie?

The Caress : Partake on Skin

So, when I used the cleanser for the first time, the finishing touch after its absorption was soft and silky. It didn’t dry out the skin at all. In fact, it hydrated the skin greatly and removed the dirt and unto 60-70% of non-waterproof makeup in its first wash. 

The super essence gave a calm and healing effect to the skin that soothed the skin irritations. It also gave a mild and at the same time tightly-nourished moisturised surface to the skin after its usage. The formula also had a hydrating and soothing essence to it. 

The moisturising type lotion left a fresh and a non- sticky finishing touch. The hydration and the smoothness that the lotion gave was explicit and would be best suitable for the sensitive skin, comforting and protecting.

The patches for the pimples and acne felt as if they were not even there on my skin.I am being completely honest here, that I applied before going to bed and forgot to remove it before washing my face the next morning after waking up.

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The Hallmarks : Ingredients

The pH level in the Good Morning Cleanser is perfect to maintain the skin balance with the range lying between 5.0 to 6.0 acid, which is close to human’s healthy skin. It contains the bamboo leaf extracts to protect the skin from external irritation. The products also have the tea leaf oil to balance the moisture balance and natural BHA ingredients for the pore care.

The focused care of the snail mucus filtration in the Snail Muchin Power Essence is 62% that effectively delivers elasticity and nourishment. It also contains the hyaluronic acid to form the strong wall of hydration on the surface of the skin. 

And to add further, Oil Free Ultra Moisturising Lotion contains 85% of birch sap that is there excellently, for soothing and moisturising the skin . Tea tree ingredients are also a part of the product to protect the sensitive skin and comfortably sooth it as well. 

The life saving Pimple Master Patch protects the wounded area by absorbing the exudate and manages the environment around it to prevent secondary imperfections to minimise and heal the scarred area and encourage faster wound recovery.

The Glory : Analysis

Now this is the moment where I get to share with you all finally! EVERYTHING. 

So to begin with the Low pH Good Morning Cleanser here, I have to say that it definitely helps to build the moisture up and maintains the perfect balance of the skin. And the BHA ingredients present in the cleanser exfoliates the dead skin cells and clears the pores too. Every time I used this cleanser, I felt that my skin was unbelievingly soft, clean and light. The after-use feeling was the best because it didn’t dry out the skin, making it quite suitable for dull and dry skin. Not to forget, It is also quite effective for acne prone skin. 

COSRX Mini Set review

We just don’t stop here. There’s more!

For the Muchin Power Essence, it did one thing and the best of all honestly, and that was protecting the skin by healing and soothing the skin irritations and repairing the skin barrier. It also provides high nourishment to promote the suppleness of the skin. It is by far really great as an essence for literally everyone to use. I honestly used it as the toner and the joy I had experienced after making that decision can’t be described. 

Honestly, Oil Free Ultra Moisturising Lotion has the perfect balance of the Oil and moisture for those hesitant people who are afraid to use lotion with naturally extracted oils. The mildness of the lotion makes it great and a lovely product to try on for those with oily skin as it is filled with only the natural rich moisture extracted from the birch trees. Nothing fake! It is also very effective in controlling sebum excess. Can everything be as great as this! 

COSRX Mini Set review

The ACNE Pimple Master Patch is very desirably used for all kinds of purposes. Like using it for wounded areas and after removing blackheads or to cover up unwanted skin problems. It gives a quick acne healing treatment. And with them on, the area around the acne remains hygienic and one doesn’t have the urge to pop those little devils. 

However, these work only on fully grown pimples/acnes, and not quite effectively on still-still-going ones. 

The Key Call : Our Notion

If you are a fan of Korean skincare products and want to try something effective and new, then definitely try this COSRX favourite kit because you are not gonna regret it. You will be judging purely on what you and your skin feels. There is no wasting of money when you have mini sets to give a chance before you can make a judgement call. NOTHING BEATS THAT PROCESS. 

The ingredients in all four of them are special, unique and effective for the skin that you will want to buy the individual products to add onto your personal skincare regimens.

Avail this favourite set and it’s individual products from Maccaron.in or download the APP.

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