J-Beauty: Best Tips And Secrets From Japan

Every region has its own definition of beauty, making it exclusive. Relevantly, we merrily explore all the Japanese beauty rituals with Global Beauty Secrets and Kakizaki family.

Cherishing your tradition, is like conquering your reign. Let that reign be your spiritual beauty. Wield the magic!

It’s about the legacies that we carry and keep alive, that had and still have all of us connected to our families, history and traditions; even in the spectrum of beauty and wellness. Prove me wrong, if you can! The mystical and yet realistic tales of their origins are undoubtedly bewitching, astonishing and immensely trustworthy for all the values and experiences that they haul. Proving to everything that I just said, Global Beauty Secrets procured the very fact that the ‘ORIGIN’ of these traditions which are incorporated for centuries and enjoyed by generations, is not only followed in India but in so many places. 

So GBS banded together with the country; known for its finest, oldest and purest beauty culture and heritage to bring and introduce a fresh flow of diverse currents to revive Japan’s love in the Indian market. 

With the same synergy, Japan’s Kimono Culture Expert and Master of Ikebana and Chayou, Junko Sophie Kakizaki, along with Aishwarya Nir Swarna, founder of Global Beauty Secrets India, forged together one of their finest works “KYOTO RANGE’ with an effort to connect the two countries from the one diverse continent, ASIA.

Insights To Revive The Beauty Legacies 

To revive the beauty legacy, is to withhold the trust and faith of hundreds of people of the same clan, who trusted the ‘folkways’ way before us in time. And that wasn’t just kept to themselves but was shared as a gesture of love and gratefulness. Those times truly were harmonious, weren’t they?

We were also foretold a story supporting the cultural exchange of inspiration, shared by Sophie herself in Japan’s heritage.

Finding India as a country of inspiration, Kakizaki enlightens, “India and Japan have a long history of cultural exchange, including the weaving and pattern of some of the Kimonos, which have had a great influence on Japanese culture.”

Global Beauty Secrets-Tsubaki Face Oil
Tsubaki Face Oil

“The cultural waters that flow from the continent may have gone underground for a while, but they can always be dug up and revived. This collaboration has made me aware of the deep veins of culture that run beneath our feet. I now feel that the cultural waters are rising again to the surface, connecting India and Japan.” adds Sophie.

So, my lovely people, we are not just reviving here, we are remembering the good old times. 

So grab a sweet because the ride here is getting sweeter! Well if we look into it, it’s also a kind of a collaboration between Gulaab Jamun and Mochi! (And if you don’t know what a Mochi is, you better try one right now! BECAUSE I SWEAR, IT’S LIKE A SWEET HEAVEN. LITERALLY !)

Hopes Exploring Different Asian Horizons 

Its supreme serene when two asian horizons that have many similarities among them, especially in terms of beauty rituals; joins hands again to show how it has also developed and improvised greatly during the flowing time. 

And how today’s generation will absolutely love the beauty ranges, created with those evergreen legacies and how they not only beautify the skin but also the soul and spirit within. 

Global Beauty Secrets-Beni Lip Nourishing Seed
Beni Lip Nourishing Seed

Aishwarya strongly seconds the notion, “I believe such ancient traditions are the root for beauty rituals not only in India but in so many other countries that have a history rich in traditional beauty rituals just like India.”

She further adds, “With Kyoto Range, it was the same feeling of connection to our roots and age-old traditions and getting that out and across to the world. In spirit, it is about celebrating, loving, and bonding on the same cultural traditions that have otherwise been hidden from the world.”

Nir also beautifully states that her approach towards beauty is more holistic and niche with an effort to revive and bring beauty rituals to much awaited audience of today’s modern world with 100% authenticity and efficiency.

Spirituality Bestowed On Beauty – Ethereal! 

Personally I have always wondered, what if our eye could also see the inner souls with the outer bodies; and that, how different the definition of beauty would be. 

How, just so vividly, the illumination of our souls would have reflected in each other’s hearts. And the true beauty would have surfaced with its genuine essence of spirituality, appearing effortlessly on each of our faces. 

Tsubaki Blend Oil Kyoto range

This concept was beautifully explained to us when asked, By Junko. She foretells, “Ever since I was a child, my grandmother and mother used to say to me, ‘Beauty is the highest expression of the human spirit. What is beautiful has spirituality in it. It is beautiful because it has spirituality. It is not something to be emphasised, but something that overflows.’ ”

Beni Lip Balm Kyoto Range

She further adds, “In ‘Kyoto Beauty Secrets’, the inspiration is the ancient wisdom and the traditional spirituality of Japan. I think it led to beauty as a result.” 

So not only the beauty ingredients and products have spirituality, but the beauty practices and beliefs of people pursuing those traditions, consistently, also carry the virtuous spirituality within them! NOW HOW COOL IS THAT..!

Tsukihime Silk Puff Kyoto Range

All the products are divinely assembled with some spiritual history from Japan’s ancient eras, inside the “Tashinami”!

And if you’re wondering what it really stands for, then….DO NOT FEAR! Because Junko Sophie Kakizaki has covered that part also FOR ALL OF YOU GUYS. 

She explains, “ ‘Tashinami’, is an important word for Japanese people, which is the ritual box with the range of ‘Kyoto Beauty Secrets’. And it is the basis of the beauty of Japanese aesthetics that refers to the gentle heartfelt care we take, to bring beauty and peace into our daily life as an expression of the deep spirit of Japanese culture, cultivated for many centuries.”

Tashinami Box Kyoto Range
Junko Sophie Kakizaki With ‘Tashinami’ Box

And if you got curious to what more ‘TASHINAMI’ stands for, then refer to this aesthetically pleasing book by our very own Aishwarya N. Swarna and Junko Sophie Kakizaki on Tashinami : 9 Mindful Japanese Rituals To Feel Beautiful Inside Out because in the end, it’s all about spiritual beauty, after all.

Similarities Stewing Since The Ancient Times – Appetising!

The curation of the range screams out to us that it’s obviously more than just cultural similarities that we share together with Japan. 


Because people like Aishwarya Nir Swarna have faith in their beliefs to fashion ‘A-Class Beauty’ that can be shared and cherished globally, keeping true to their brand name, GBS. As well as with their recent creation ‘ KYOTO BEAUTY SECRETS ’, derived authentically and straight from Kyoto, Japan. 

Global Beauty Secrets-Tsukihime Silk Puff
Tsukihime Silk Puff

Swarna shares, “In India, beauty has always consisted of one of the triads of ideals- truth, goodness, and beauty, with which all traditions are deeply rooted. It is looked upon as one of the active forces of the universe and an aspect of the ideal spiritual power, propelling all reality. This is something that is always in my mind when I curate and share with the world the cultural stories and beauty rituals and this is something that also kept me motivated to do something along these lines for my Kyoto Range as well.” 

She further adds, “Similarly, one of the main things that have connected Sophie and I is how much we value our family and cultural heritage and how we still want to keep it alive and bring it out in front of the whole world to experience. The best part that is yet to delve in is the manner in which we pay homage to our native ingredients. The Japanese celebrate their age-old legacy with the same respect and joy.”

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