Is Skincare Slugging The New Trend For Hydrated Skin?

Skincare Slugging: The term might be new but have been in practice for quite some time. Slug your skin to achieve that soft and moisturised skin tone.

In the elaborated world of skincare, K-beauty is a blessing. I have always wondered how a celebrity’s skin shines bright with that radiant and illuminating glow? Our thrust for skincare trends and hacks is only elevating day by day. Ever since I have been a skincare enthusiast, I have got my hands on a number of skincare regimens to figure out the most appropriate one. Having a dry skin type has only irked me to try innumerable skin care products to get that supple, plump and moisturising skin tone.

In my recent routine as a skincare fanatic, I hopped on the trend of skincare slugging, which is a K-beauty trend and has been making waves around the internet. For those of you who also feel that your skin looks dry, parched and dull with no shine at all, try giving this trend a try.

slugging skincare

Here’s a gist about what it is EXACTLY!

Skincare slugging is a trend that has been derived from the idea of coating your skin in Vaseline or any or any petrolatum-based formula, which enables your face to end up looking slimy and shiny, giving you a natural glow.
This routine basically helps in healing the upper layer of your skin as that’s largely responsible for how your face actually feels and looks.

Due to factors such as sun exposure, heavy pollutants, harsh skincare products and lifestyle issues, our skin can damage pretty easily. And regular scrubs, peels, exfoliators and acids are just an add on to make your skin get vulnerable and wounded and this breaks down your skin barrier.

slugging skincare

But just imagine, if that upper layer of your skin barrier has an effective balance of moisture, fats, and enough hydration, it will aid your skin look supple, plump and have elasticity.

Skincare slugging can help to repair the damage by creating a hydrating and moist setting that allows your barrier to slowly settle and heal itself. It is a great way to achieve soft and smooth skin. Though, a word of caution, if you feel any irritation on the skin, it is best to not do it or consult your dermatologist.

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